Judge Sandy Prindle will present an extremely interesting historical dissertation on the events surrounding the assassination of President Lincoln in April 1865.  He is an author, scholar and sought after authority on the subject. 

Sandy was a Justice of the Peace in Tarrant County, Texas for 24 years.  He began his political career in 1976 as the Youth Director for the Ronald Reagan campaign.  After that, he was one of about thirty who built the Republican Party here from nothing to the most dominant Republican stronghold in Texas.     

 During his long and interesting career he began lecturing on the Civil War and the Abraham Lincoln assassination150years ago!

 7 PM June 22/Grapevine Public Library Program Room..all are welcome



In celebration of the approaching Mother’s Day celebration, the role played by wives and mothers of Grapevine confederate soldiers will high-lite  the Grapevine Historical Society meeting on April 27.

The special program will be presented by Michael Patterson who has deep roots in the local community.

The event will take place at 7 pm in the Program Room of the Grapevine Public Library and the public is welcome to attend.  There is no charge for guests. Young people interested in the history of the area will enjoy this too.

Michael Patterson was born in a Fort Worth hospital and taken to his ancestral family home place on Glade Road in Colleyville.  His grandson now is the seventh generation family member to live there.  His great-great grandparents arrived on the Grape Vine Prairie in 1868. 

He began his education at the old Pleasant Run School in Colleyville until it merged with GISD in 1963.  He graduated from Grapevine High School in 1970, the fourth of five generations of his family to attend there. 

Patterson taught school in the Birdville ISD for 18 years.  His interest in his heritage led him into the monument business so he could learn to engrave and install granite.  He has been an officer with the Col. E. W. Taylor Camp of Sons of Confederate Veterans for the past several years and has been getting or making headstones for veterans for over 51 years.    

On May 2, in honor of Mother’s Day, he will be replacing 3 headstones in the Grapevine Cemetery for women who were mothers, mothers-in-law, or (in 2 cases) grandmothers of soldiers who fought in the War Between the States.

Michael Patterson was one of the editors of the 1970 Grapevine Area History book produced by the Grapevine Historical Society.



Paul Kramer, historian and author of The Providential History of Texas book will present a fresh look at Texas history and local heritage, from a different viewpoint at the March meeting of the Grapevine Historical Society.

Paul is proud to be a native Texan born in Austin and a descendent of Stephen F. Austin, the father of our great state.  He is a man of faith and active in leadership of his church and a number of important community organizations.

He is an experienced speaker has made numerous presentations on Texas history over many years at various venues including schools, churches, and civic groups.

His talks on the history of Texas contain a lot of “show and tell” items for display and discussion including an array of interesting old maps useful to improving knowledge of our history as an independent republic and state.

The public is invited to attend at 7 pm at the Grapevine Public Library Program Room, 1201 Municipal Way in Grapevine on March 23.




This year on November 22 will mark the 51st anniversary of the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.  That moment in history not only deeply impacted this community and those throughout the shocked and sad nation; it had profound impact around the world.

Many of us remember that significant moment in time and we remember what we were doing when we heard the shocking and unbelievable news in Texas and our nation.

The November program feature for the Grapevine Historical Society will feature a story about some students who were members of the University of North Texas “A cappella” choir and the role they played during that tragic period.

The presentation will be made by Sue Franks who was a member of that choir which was chosen to tour Europe as ambassadors to share the grief and emotions in our state and nation.

This program of historical significance to young and old is open to the public and will be at 7 pm in the Grapevine Public Library Program Room on November 24.  Students will find this interesting to hear first- hand experience of an important and critical time in history.

Come join us for an interesting and informative program.



The Grapevine Historical Society presents “Halloween in Grapevine back in the day!”   It will be a lot of fun for all and you want to be sure to plan to be with us when we will reminisce about traditions and memories of how Halloween has been celebrated down through the generations in Grapevine and the surrounding area. 

 You will also hear about the famous “haunted houses of Grapevine” – there are several with great stories!  And you will get a good chuckle when you hear some of the stories about some of the fun pranks that kids did by the kids that did the deed!

The program is open to the public and will be presented by Sallie Andrews who has been employed by the city of Grapevine for 23 years. She is a lifetime member of the Grapevine Historical Society, Wise County Historical Commissioner, and is past Chairman of the Historical Committee of the Wyandotte Nation in Oklahoma.

Historic Preservation is in Sallie Andrews' blood...and she will bring a spooky good time evening as she shares some of the things that have made Grapevine a great Halloween Hometown over the years!  She has some scary Grapevine happenings from a few years back  to tell that may possibly really be real.


He program starts at 7 pm on Monday October 27 in the Grapevine Library Program Room, 1201 Municipal Way, Grapevine 76051. 


A History of Grapevine’s Houses – Past and Present

The September program feature for the Grapevine Historical Society will be presented by David Klempin.  David is a highly experienced architect who is the Historic Preservation Officer for the city of Grapevine.  He is the manager of Historic Programs and Preservation which includes leadership and administration of Grapevine Township Revitalization Project Grant program

On Monday evening at 7 pm, in the Grapevine Public Library Program Room, David Klempin will present an exciting and informative narrative and pictorial “walking tour” review of Grapevine’s historic homes in their original condition to the restored and enhanced grandeur of many of them today.  The program is free and open to the public.

 In addition there will be a sneak peak at the 2014 Candlelight Tour of Homes by two of the home owners whose homes will be featured on this year’s tour. For additional information go to the Society web site at


Kathleen Brown, antique apron collector and hobbyist, will present an unusual and interesting antique apron trunk show entitled “An Apron Celebration... Aprons don’t tie us down, they tie us together” depicting aprons and their early role in the settling of the Grape Vine Prairie. Grandma’s apron had many uses in early days and was not just a fashion.  Come see this fun and educational presentation.

The event is free of charge and open to the public at the Grapevine Historic Society meeting on August 25 at 7 PM in the Grapevine Public Library Program Room, 1201 Municipal Way, Grapevine 76051.



The July 28th meeting of the Grapevine Historical Society continues the celebration of its 40th anniversary with a special presentation of the history of the Grapevine Fire Department.  

Lifelong Grapevine resident and former Fire Chief William A. “Bill” Powers will take us from the days when the department was formally established in 1907 as a “Bucket Brigade” through the progress of becoming the “Grapevine Volunteer Fire Department” chartered in 1921. 

He will share interesting stories about the building of the first fire station in 1949 and his term as Fire Chief from 1984 -1999 when the modern era of firefighting truly began with the addition of paramedics and modern equipment. 

Current Fire Chief Steve Bass (who will retire effective August 31, 2014 after 48 years in fire service) and his successor Chief Darrell Brown will take us through the transition of the fire department into the age of technology and the enhancement of the Emergency Management function of the department.  The current Grapevine fire department has five divisions, five fire stations and over 100 officers and fire fighter/paramedics. 

The scope of their training and diverse responsibilities in today’s world may surprise you! 

The new Grapevine Historical Society Museum planned to open in the fall will be host to a variety of Fire Department and fire fighter memorabilia and collectibles – many of which will be on display at the July 28th meeting.

Here is something the whole family will enjoy and the public is invited to the free event at 7 pm in the Grapevine Library Program Room 1201 Municipal Way, Grapevine.  817-410-3400 

Don’t miss this interesting and historic program where you will see Grapevine’s first fire truck a 1928 Ford and the latest 100 foot ladder high tech million dollar fire truck! On display! 




 Sallie Andrews and Pam Price, members of the Grapevine Historical Society will present a program entitled “170 YEARS OF GRAPEVINE HISTORY 1844 - 2014” on Monday evening June 23, which will chronicle the community development decade-by-decade to the present. 

 The program will focus on a pictorial and factual history of people and significant events from 1844 to 2014 that have brought Grapevine from a little farming settlement on the Grape Vine Prairie to a remarkable international city of today, located in the very heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 

 This will be a fascinating trip through the years of peace and war, good times and tough times giving insight into the vision, courage and fortitude reflected in the community spirit of the people and leadership for nearly two centuries on the old Grape Vine Prairie.  Everyone will enjoy this trip down memory lane!

 Sallie and Pam actively participate in the Heritage Education Program presenting tours of Grapevine’s Main Street, Heritage Center, and Nash Farm as they share the rich history of the community of Grapevine as well as the history of the Grape Vine Prairie to both students and adults.

 Hear them as they share some great historical information, pictures and fascinating stories about the proud and important history of Grapevine becoming the wonderful community it is today.

 The program is open to the public free of charge.  It will be held in the Program Room of the Grapevine Public Library at 7 PM on Monday, June 23.  Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy hospitality and community fellowship.


Grapevine Historical Society 40th Anniversary Celebration and Veteran Recognition Event Saturday May 24


Fun and festivities are in store at the Grapevine Historical Society Sno-Cone Social as they celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Society charter granted by the State of Texas.


The big celebration will take place at 2 p.m. in front of the replica of the “Grapevine Ice Company” building in Ted R. Ware Plaza at Hudgins Street, which will be home for the new Grapevine Historical Museum, even though it will not officially be open to for the occasion.


A proclamation and remarks from Grapevine Mayor Bill Tate will be one of the event highlights along with a program of musical entertainment and presentation of new artifacts for the new museum.


The community is invited to enjoy a trip back in time with memories of the old Snow-Cone stand on Main Street in earlier days as you delight in the taste of shaved ice delight!


The Grapevine Historical Society will also celebrate and pay tribute to our Veterans who served and fought to preserve our freedom in all our wars and conflicts. This will be a wonderful experience for everyone and set the stage for the coming Memorial Day. An invitation was extended to Congressman Kenny Marchant and he or a member of his key staff will be at the event for the salute to veterans.  A presentation of a special flag which has flown over the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. will be awarded to the oldest veteran present at the event.