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Karlayna Platt, a 15 year-old sophomore at Westlake Academy, has overcome the barriers associated with dyslexia to become a published author. Her new inspirational journal, Inspire Your Power, features a refreshing mixture of powerful and positive affirmations, reflection pages, coloring, and writing passages along with a few facts about dyslexia. Karlayna hopes her new book will provide meaningful insight and instill confidence in children that will aid them in overcoming adversity and challenges associated with dyslexia.


Karlayna’s journey in creating Inspire Your Power came from Westlake Academy’s requirement of every 10th grade student to complete a personal project reflecting on an area of interest illustrating learning traits developed during the MYP years of the school program. When considering the topic of focus for this prestigious project, Karlayna decided that she wanted to help encourage young children with dyslexia to believe in themselves. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, Karlayna remembers the struggles and challenges of learning to read and spell. Karlayna recalls that overcoming and accepting the reality that she learned “differently” than other children was not an easy task.


“When I was in grade school, if a page in a book did not have a picture on it, I remember feeling overwhelmed with anxiety. Over time, various learning strategies helped me gain confidence in my ability to read,“ Karlayna explains.


Despite having dyslexia, Karlayna has elevated herself to an A student in a challenging International Baccalaureate (IB) school curriculum while continuing extracurricular activities. Karlayna attributes her accomplishments to strong intervention at an early age and the support of her dedicated family along with her personal drive for achievement.


Karlayna has a bright future, exemplifying a balanced academic and social profile in her everyday life. Her personal philosophy revolves around the idea that every individual is capable of conquering challenges and obstacles. With a strong passion for helping others, Karlayna created Inspire Your Power to empower children with her gift of tenacity, growth and determination.


Inspire Your Power is an inspirational journal for young children with Dyslexia. It features empowering quotes, journaling, lettering, and fun facts about Dyslexia. Inspire Your Power features a simple, yet effective and powerful journal book that is 100% the author’s design. The book targets children ages 6-10 and constructed within a formal hardback presentation.


Inspire Your Power is now available for purchase on Amazon to the general public with proceeds being donated to Chance to Soar non-profit organization to benefit children with dyslexia. An e-book version will also be donated to educators of children with dyslexia in the local community. The author’s main goal of Inspire Your Power is to maximize local community outreach and to make an impact on dyslexia education through inspiring young children with dyslexia to discover their own internal capabilities and power.


“Thanks to having support in my life from family and teachers, I have overcome many insecurities when it comes to my learning abilities due to having dyslexia. I hope my book will ‘pay it forward’ to young children so they do not feel defined by dyslexia. Even if my book only makes a difference in a single child, I feel the purpose of my book would be accomplished,” she says.

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