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Beginning July 1, 2016, Keller resident Itze Cuevas, as recent graduate of Westlake Academy, will have her artwork on display at the Texas Capitol in Austin through July 8th.

Her oil painting entitled "Chepe" was selected as the Lone Star Artist in Southlake Women's Club annual festival, Art in the Square- High School Art contest. State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione sponsors the grand prize winner and arranges for the artwork to be displayed at the Capitol for hundreds of visitors to admire. "I believe we have some of the finest artistic talent in Texas residing right here in my district" says Capriglione.  

In addition, Kids Matter International, a Southlake non-profit, awards the winner with two nights hotel accommodation and spending money for a trip to Austin to view their artwork while it is exhibited. They have been a contest sponsor for many years and continue to support many community projects that enhance the lives of children.  

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