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Last week Justine Garcia, a sophomore at Colleyville Heritage High School and her brother, Jacob Garcia, a freshman, both served as a legislative Page for a day at the Texas Capitol. This opportunity is available to students age 8-18 and allows them to help legislators with daily duties while in session. Pages are selected by their State Representative or Senator. The Garcia children were accepted as Pages after each submitting essays to Rep. Capriglione' s office for consideration. Each member is allowed only 10 Pages per legislative session, which occurs every other year for six months.  

Justine recalls her experience by saying "In the Texas House of Representatives I became informed about the process that the State Representatives take during voting and that there are debates taking course throughout the whole session. I enjoyed getting to know Representative Capriglione and the inner workings of the Texas House of Representatives. I also appreciated the beautiful architecture and art throughout the Capitol building. Overall the page program helped me to understand what the State Representatives do to improve Texas."

Jacob added that "I know now that The Texas Legislature is much like a well-oiled machine running only  to better the State and its people.  The operation cannot function without the constant feed of people’s votes with a strong Representative to stand and voice them. The opportunity of being in the Page Program has rewarded me with insight regarding what goes on in the capitol every two years."


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