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We have a new website, live and refreshed. Go check it out. The new site is now visible on your phone and tablet. You can chat with fellow patients or non-patients on our community page, read all about our old and new therapies and treatments, check out the newly organized blog and view all our wonderful resources.

Digging Deeper: Pain Pain Go Away

A lunch and learn series

EVENT: Join us for this month's Digging Deeper for a special presentation on pain treatments with SuperValue Pharmacy and Dr. Kotsanis. Learn more about how we treat pain at the Kotsanis Institute. See more about the topics covered.

November 6th at 12:00 pm  |  Call 817-591-0260 to RSVP.



The Next 30 years of Medicine

EVENT: Come celebrate with us as we take a look back at the last 30 years of our practice and envision the legacy we want to create in the next 30 years of medicine. Food | Drinks | Giveaways | Vendors | Massages I Live Music

November 21st 4–7 pm  |  RSVP here or

Call 817-481-6342



NEW: Club Restore is a members only club that allows an individual to benefit from our non-medical services that were once only offered to patients. See More.

Becoming a member is only $100 annual fee. Call 817-481-6342 for more details.




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