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Greetings to all our patients, family and friends. As I write this post, Dr. Kotsanis is in the hospital having heart surgery. Many of you know that he has faced many health challenges in his lifetime that have led him down the road less traveled. This is how he has evolved his practice of medicine to become the kind, caring doctor you all have come to know and appreciate for his willingness to keep learning. As our family and staff look forward to his three week recovery, I am writing to let you know that we have new doctors at Kotsanis Institute offering all the same diagnostics and treatments you have come to expect from us.

Beginning the week of September 7th, we will have 8am to 12pm office hours Monday through Wednesday and will be open 8am to 4:30 pm Thursdays and Fridays with the exception of September 9th and September 11th. On Wednesday, September 9th, we will have office hours from 8am to 4:30pm and on Friday, September 11th, we will have office hours from 8am to 12pm.  Monday through Wednesday will be covered by a combination of our nursing staff and Jody Lorimer, MD a board-certified emergency doctor. Thursday and Friday will be covered by staff and Pieter DeWet, MD. Our phones will still be answered between 8am and 5pm daily, but we will have reduced staff availability.  Our office will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 7th.

Recently we were privileged to have Dr. Pieter DeWet join our practice. Dr. DeWet is very experienced, like-minded and similarly trained as Dr. Kotsanis. Dr. DeWet’s main practice is in Tyler, TX but he is expanding his reach to help us offer recall healing and other new services to our patients. While Dr. Kotsanis is recuperating, Dr. DeWet will see all new patients on Thursdays and Fridays. He has already been doing recall healing on patients referred by Dr. Kotsanis.

In keeping with the Kotsanis tradition of community education, Dr. DeWet is offering recall healing training to patients and professionals.

A three hour introduction to recall healing will be offered free of charge at Kotsanis Institute Friday September 18 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. All are welcome to attend. Dr. DeWet will offer his first Level one recall healing training at Kotsanis Institute on November 6-8. The cost for Level one, first of three levels, will be $350. This two and a half day intensive will lay the foundation for the other two courses. We hope you will all come to the introductory course and avail yourselves of the training in November.

Please also remember we have a very busy September event calendar planned and you can access it here

As we wait for Dr. Kotsanis to return to his full schedule, we ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers and send lots of positive energy his way. Remember that we are all still here for you. Feel free to call or stop by and check in on his progress.

Warmest regards,

Beverly Kotsanis, CEO

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