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Question: When was the last time you saw a middle schooler feel confident and good about themselves?
Our answer: The last time we facilitated a Middle School StrengthsExplorer class.
One tip to help your teen have a strong sense of self is for them to discover their innate talents and gifts. Imagine if they knew what they were good at and then could confidently make decisions and build their life according to who THEY are.
Register them today for our Middle School StrengthsExplorer class on Saturday, Dec. 17th. It's the perfect time for them to pause activities and focus on what we all assume they will learn by osmosis - who they are, what they care about, what they are good at. Our team of facilitators will help your middle schooler understand their strengths and how knowing the combination of their top three strengths will help them make decisions, work within a group, and ultimately, lead a life that shines.
Registration closes on Dec. 10th.

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