Family Friendly Seize the Clay Workshop



Central Standard Time



House of Shine
334 S. Barton St.
Grapevine, Texas 76051

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Looking for fun things to do in Grapevine next week?
House of Shine's family friendly Seize the Clay Workshop is on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd and Saturday, Nov. 26th. Join us as one of our enthusiastic instructors guide you in creating your own pottery pinch pots.
*BONUS* - This activity will become an opportunity to support our community. Your creatively-designed pinch pots will become the vessel that collects change that you ultimately donate to a student "change-maker" who has an idea to improve our community. Ideas will be shared at the Change Bowl community event on April 1, 2023. (Think Shark Tank meets community improvement projects. Local students will submit applications and ultimately, pitch ideas for improving our community, and community members will serve as judges who will select the top community service projects.)
Register for this family friendly activity here