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Months of preparation, planning and organization will become a reality on Saturday, November 14th when local student artists share their artistic talents with the community by participating in the House of Shine Be. Do. Share. Holiday Craft Fair at House of Shine in Grapevine.

"The variety and quality of their art will be incredible.  But more importantly, we will have a group of young people advocating for self and feeling empowered while making money and sharing it with those who attended," said Claudia Beeny, Founder and Executive Director of House of Shine.  

This is the fourth season House of Shine has hosted the Be. Do. Share. Holiday Fair - a platform to highlight the point of intersection between a person's talents, interests and a need in the community.  House of Shine calls that point of intersection the place where a person's Shine lives.  This year the craft fair will be hosted in their new home in Grapevine that opened in September.

According to Beeny, in order to shine, a person must know who they are and where their talents lie.  This is their "Be."  Then a person needs to practice and perfect these talents and determine how they can leverage them.  This is their "Do."

"And finally, we always ask the question - to what end? Why do we do this? And the answer is to share it with the people around you - in your corner of the world," Beeny said.

To participate in this holiday fair, artists are asked to donate 10% of their sales to the charity of their choice.  Each artist has a story and a personal connection to the charity they select.  

The artists will range in age from 8 to 18.  The type of art sold includes paintings and portraits, apparel design, dirty-pour canvas art, drawings, pet treats, and jewelry.  Another young person will even sell her published book.

"Each young person is going to receive gifts throughout the upcoming season, but the gift we will give them is the most important gift all this holiday season - that they can set a goal, they can work hard, and they can accomplish that goal for themselves.  That is very empowering to a young person," Beeny said.


House of Shine is a 501(c)3 nonprofit interactive museum dedicated to the study of you. Our mission is to help people from 5 to 95 discover who they are and why their contribution to the world matters. House of Shine hosts workshops for women and children, creates leadership development experiences for young people, and writes and delivers K-12 curriculum for schools. For more information about House of Shine, the museum, workshops and K-12 curriculum, please email Colleen Monroe at

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