Abstract Painting with Prompts



Central Standard Time



Holder Dane Gallery & Studios
701 S. Main Street
Grapevine, Texas 76051

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Join us at Holder Dane Gallery for a unique opportunity to unleash your creative spirit! Immerse yourself in an inspiring environment and experience the ultimate freedom of abstract art. Let your intuition guide you as you paint two stunning abstract masterpieces that truly reflect your individual style. Get ready for a fun-filled event that will leave you amazed by the incredible results! 

Think of this as a painting game where each person is prompted to create art intuitively. Each participant will randomly select a prompt written on a piece of paper, read it aloud, and then everyone will respond on canvas in their own unique way. Setting a 2-minute timer after each prompt is read will keep the intuitive energy flowing. All our abstract paintings will be completely different as participants respond uniquely to the same prompts. The session will begin with a very brief demo and overview of color mixing, mark-making, and the importance of variety in shape, color, values, lines, and edges when creating a successful abstract painting to give new artists more confidence and knowledge before the challenge begins.

Events are 3 hours in the inspiring setting of Holder Dane Gallery with professional artists as your guide. Feel free to bring your own BYOBeverages & BYOSnacks. For more info or to register go to or contact: Introductory Fee is $75.  

We have several dates available in October and November at or contact to request a date that will work for your group. 

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