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Five Tips on How to clean your exterior Windows for your Home or Business

If it rains, you may feel like you need to take your car to get it cleaned, right?  What about your windows and screens at your home or business?  They get dirty too!!  By following just a few steps, you can make your home or business windows look like new.

  • Use a cleaning agent that cuts grime.  I recommend plant based bio-degradable. We owe it to our planet
  • Use a squeegee, they do the best job and will not smear the glass.  Keep blade clean so it won’t streak.
  • Do not use a spray bottle to apply cleaning agent on the windows!  Use the equivalent of a mop head.
  • If you want to use steel wool to remove caked on dirt, use “0000” type.
  • Do not expect great results your first time.  There are imperfections in most glass installed today that make your windows appear to be less than perfect.

Speaking of windows, if you are in need of professional window cleaning for your home or business, you should contact Green Service Team at 817-454-6882 or visit their website at to find out how they can help you.  They are running great summer specials and are the eco-friendly locally owned and operated.

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