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Why Working Out at Home Doesn't (Always) Work

In the new year, as part of our resolution to get in shape, eat healthier and/ or lose weight, we might just invest in a few small pieces of exercise equipment for the home. If we are really ambitious, we might go so far as to set up a room! But alas, the distractions of home are always there... even when we close the door. We know what lurks behind it, a buzzing dryer, the sound of the kids’ shenanigans, or even inside of it- a desire for a snack or to catch up on emails. At home, there is no escape. And so then what does our exercise equipment often become- a place to throw our clean, or even dirty clothes (yuck!). Unfortunately, I have seen this happen many a time. And who could blame us when there is so much to do at home?

When I first opened Vibrant Yoga and Wellness and added some brand new exercise equipment, I was excited that I wouldn't have to go to the gym anymore. I could get out of the house, and get a good workout in. But alas, this home away from home carries those same distractions with it as well... From noticing a floor that needs to be cleaned or that paper towels need to be refilled, I never seem to be able to stay tuned into my workout. So back to the old gym I go. Sure I get odd looks when I tell my husband and kids that I am off to the gym (the one that I have no responsibility for), but that is the only way I can stay focused on my time to take care of myself and my workout needs. No dishes, no emails, and no distractions.

The investment to get out of the house and create that time for your yoga, pilates, dance or fitness activity you enjoy, may overall be a better value than the bargain price you paid for that shiny and oversized dust collector in the corner of the bedroom :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015