Courtnee Lowe – Guest Contributor
Mar 6 2012

Following the recent school shooting in Ohio, the Grapevine Police Department is using its Facebook page to remind students, parents, teachers and the community about the warning signs for potential school violence.

The following seven tips are from the National Crime Prevention Council:

  • Threats to bring a weapon to school
  • Talk about retaliation or a copycat crime
  • Overhearing or seeing a “hit list” at school or online
  • Troubling essays or other disturbing writing
  • Sudden changes in a student’s behavior or mood swings
  • Students with difficulty controlling or handling conflict
  • Students experience bullying or other means of peer isolation
  • Mention of an upcoming anniversary date of a past shooting
  • Glorification of another school shooter or criminal

Students are encouraged by the NCPC to come forward immediately if they know of a student who shows any of these signs. 

  • For more information on how to help prevent school violence, click here.