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Mar 7 2014

The City of Grapevine has openings for citizen appointments. Below are the qualifications, meeting dates,
responsibilities and length of term are detailed for your information.

Interested citizens may pick up applications from the City Secretary’s Office, Grapevine City Hall, 200 South Main Street, First Floor; at the Grapevine Library, 1201 Municipal Way; or on the City's web page. Deadline to return completed applications to the City Secretary is April 25 by 5 p.m.


ANIMAL SHELTER ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Consists of six members appointed for over-lapping two-year terms. This committee advises the City’s animal control division on issues pertaining to animal bite prevention, zoonotic disease transmission, animal care and welfare, animal rescue, animal shelter standards, training of animal shelter personnel and any other issues required by State law. Meetings to be held at least three times a year.  


BOARD OF ZONING ADJUSTMENT:  Composed of five regular members and two alternate members appointed for over-lapping two-year terms.  The board hears and rules on appeals from enforcement of and special exceptions to the City Zoning Ordinance, and authorizes variances from that zoning ordinance when not contrary to the public interest.  Meetings are held monthly on the first Monday.   


BUILDING BOARD OF APPEALS: Consists of seven members appointed for over-lapping two-year terms and one alternate member appointed for a one-year term.  This board hears and rules on appeals to the City's Building Code, advises on the applicability of alternate materials and types of construction and considers plumbing and permitting issues.  Meetings are held monthly on the second Monday.  


CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU ADVISORY BOARD:  Comprised of seven regular members appointed for over-lapping two-year terms and one alternate member appointed for a one-year term.  The board acts in a general advisory capacity in matters relating to the Convention & Visitors Bureau, including evaluation of the effectiveness of convention and tourist programs.  Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday.  


GOLF COURSE ADVISORY BOARD:  Consists of seven resident members who are active golfers, or, are members of the Grapevine Golf Association, or Grapevine Ladies Golf Association who are appointed for over-lapping terms of two-years.  The board works with the golf staff in considering suggestions for course and policy improvements and other matters relating to the Grapevine Golf Course.  Regular meetings are held quarterly during the year on the third Thursday.  


GRAPEVINE 4B ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION BOARD: Board members have the power to expend the proceeds of the economic development 4B sales tax, subject to the approval of the City Council.  The Board may vote to approve the 4B Corporation budget; approve projects for the Corporation to undertake; and exercise all powers and rights of a nonprofit corporation under the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act, except to the extent that such powers would be in conflict with the Development Corporation Act.  Meetings as called.  


HERITAGE FOUNDATION ADVISORY BOARD: Consists of ten members serving over-lapping two-year terms.  The Foundation serves to unite the community in promoting the preservation and restoration of Grapevine's historic structures and to research and record Grapevine's heritage.   Board members serve on working committees for the Heritage Center, Palace Theatre, Heritage Education Program, etc.  Meetings are held bi-monthly on the third Wednesday; additional time commitments are required.  


HEALTH OFFICER:  Appointed for a two-year term, the health officer shall be a licensed physician, qualified to practice medicine in the State of Texas and a resident of the City.  


HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION: Composed of seven members serving two-year over-lapping terms and one alternate member for a one-year term.  The Commission is comprised of members who have demonstrated outstanding interest in the historic traditions of the City and who have experience in the historic character of Grapevine.  Recommends designation of historic districts and landmarks based on historical and architectural significance; advises property owners; reviews and approves design proposals for restoration, alteration, or new construction in historically designated areas of the City.  Meetings are held monthly on the fourth Wednesday.  


HOUSING AUTHORITY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS:  Comprised of four citizen members and one housing authority resident member serving over-lapping two-year terms.  The Grapevine Housing Authority manages and controls the low rent housing units of the City according to established guidelines.  The Board determines certain policies and purchases, and advises the Executive Director on other authorized matters.  Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month.  


LIBRARY BOARD:   Composed of seven citizen members for over-lapping two-year terms.  The board acts in an advisory capacity on matters pertaining to the Grapevine Public Library.  Meetings are held quarterly on the third Monday.  


PARKS & RECREATION BOARD:  Comprised of eleven members including one representative from the G-CISD School Board and one Grapevine High School representative serving over-lapping two-year terms.  The board advises and makes recommendations pertaining to the parks and recreation facilities and activities of the City. Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday.  


PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION:  Consists of seven members serving over-lapping three-year terms and two alternates serving one-year terms.  The commission recommends the boundaries of original zoning districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein, holds public hearings and prepares recommendations for the City Council pertaining to changes in zoning district boundaries or regulations, makes recommendations concerning property platting and replatting, and advises the City Council on creation of and additions to master land use and master thoroughfare plans for the physical development of Grapevine.  Regular meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday, with special meetings and workshops as needed.  


SENIOR CITIZENS ADVISORY BOARD:  Consists of ten members, seven of whom will be appointed by the City Council as regular members and three ex-officio members representing the Senior Activities Center Advisory Council, Grapevine Housing Authority, and GRACE Board of Directors.  The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City in matters pertaining to its senior citizens, helps identify the needs of senior citizens and enhance their quality of life, and uses all available resources to inform senior citizens of community services.  Regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of even months with special meetings as needed. 


Information provided by Grapevine Texas.