Sallie Andrews and Pam Price, members of the Grapevine Historical Society will present a program entitled “170 YEARS OF GRAPEVINE HISTORY 1844 - 2014” on Monday evening June 23, which will chronicle the community development decade-by-decade to the present. 

 The program will focus on a pictorial and factual history of people and significant events from 1844 to 2014 that have brought Grapevine from a little farming settlement on the Grape Vine Prairie to a remarkable international city of today, located in the very heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 

 This will be a fascinating trip through the years of peace and war, good times and tough times giving insight into the vision, courage and fortitude reflected in the community spirit of the people and leadership for nearly two centuries on the old Grape Vine Prairie.  Everyone will enjoy this trip down memory lane!

 Sallie and Pam actively participate in the Heritage Education Program presenting tours of Grapevine’s Main Street, Heritage Center, and Nash Farm as they share the rich history of the community of Grapevine as well as the history of the Grape Vine Prairie to both students and adults.

 Hear them as they share some great historical information, pictures and fascinating stories about the proud and important history of Grapevine becoming the wonderful community it is today.

 The program is open to the public free of charge.  It will be held in the Program Room of the Grapevine Public Library at 7 PM on Monday, June 23.  Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy hospitality and community fellowship.

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