The July 28th meeting of the Grapevine Historical Society continues the celebration of its 40th anniversary with a special presentation of the history of the Grapevine Fire Department.  

Lifelong Grapevine resident and former Fire Chief William A. “Bill” Powers will take us from the days when the department was formally established in 1907 as a “Bucket Brigade” through the progress of becoming the “Grapevine Volunteer Fire Department” chartered in 1921. 

He will share interesting stories about the building of the first fire station in 1949 and his term as Fire Chief from 1984 -1999 when the modern era of firefighting truly began with the addition of paramedics and modern equipment. 

Current Fire Chief Steve Bass (who will retire effective August 31, 2014 after 48 years in fire service) and his successor Chief Darrell Brown will take us through the transition of the fire department into the age of technology and the enhancement of the Emergency Management function of the department.  The current Grapevine fire department has five divisions, five fire stations and over 100 officers and fire fighter/paramedics. 

The scope of their training and diverse responsibilities in today’s world may surprise you! 

The new Grapevine Historical Society Museum planned to open in the fall will be host to a variety of Fire Department and fire fighter memorabilia and collectibles – many of which will be on display at the July 28th meeting.

Here is something the whole family will enjoy and the public is invited to the free event at 7 pm in the Grapevine Library Program Room 1201 Municipal Way, Grapevine.  817-410-3400 

Don’t miss this interesting and historic program where you will see Grapevine’s first fire truck a 1928 Ford and the latest 100 foot ladder high tech million dollar fire truck! On display! 

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