New Kugel floating granite fountain has been set in place on the northeast corner of South Main Street and East Wall Street in front of Cotton Patch Cafe.

The Grapevine City Council, purchased the Kugel floating granite sphere to add to their collection of art depicting characters of the city or pieces of Grapevine’s history and to draw pedestrian traffic to the 100 block of South Main Street.

The term kugel is from the German word for ball or sphere. It appears to float due to basic physical principles and precise stone processing. The sphere sits in a fitted hollow pedestal, and is supported by aquaplaning on a thin film of water. Pressurized water flows between the sphere and socket, creating a mechanical hydrostatic bearing that is frictionless. The interactive and unique feature of this floating sphere fountain allow anyone including children to move the granite ball, weighing almost three tons, on a microscopically thin layer of water.    

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