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I get asked all the time if I have any tips for a smooth session. While every photography session can be unpredictable depending on the age of the kiddos, there are a few universal rules that I think apply across the board. So here they are, my top five tips to reduce the stress of family photography. :) 

1. RELAX! You as the Momma Bird are the indicator for the rest of the tribe. If you are stressed, the kiddos will probably be crazy. I know that in my house the more stressed I am, the more my lovely darlings act like loony birds.  So Mama, just relax. Breathe in and breathe out.  Afterall, we are only taking photographs.

2. Have Fun! Pictures are supposed to showcase the best version of you and your family, I mean you got the special outfits, got dolled up and showed up to pose in nature. Be silly, tell jokes, make each other laugh. It will make your photos 10 times better, I promise. 

3. Rest. This is an important one, I know that our lives are crazy but the more well-rested everyone is, the better our time together will be. This is for everyone, but especially for the littles. If you can schedule after naps, or what I refer to as the pre-cracken time, then let's do it.  You know your kiddos, if they are happier in the mornings schedule a morning session, late risers schedule later in the day. 

4. Feed the beast. Along with rest, this is a big one.  Make sure everyone is fed before the session. We all know what hangry is and nothing is worse than a cranky hungry person being forced to smile. So eat before, bring a snack or whatever you got to do to keep hangriness at bay.  

5. Bribery. Yes, I said it. If your little sunshine is old enough to be bribed then I am going to recommend this controversial method. I mean you get a cooperative kid for a bit and they get a prize. Win-win. Now if your little isn't old enough for trickery, bring a favorite toy, a Nana, Grampy or aunty Suzie. 

Please hit me up if you have any other questions!  

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