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“Begonia Floor Show 1”
by Naomi Brotherton
Framed 25.5 x 29.75"


“Oh, there it was… my next subject, a beautiful potted begonia plant begging to be painted.  My studio partner had brought it for his class to arrange on a small table but he had left it on the floor.  I liked the unusual concept of looking down on it like a map.”

“Begonia Floor Show 1” & “Begonia Floor Show 2” were created to be a diptych. However, the two paintings are framed separately and each signed by the artist and can be purchased separately.

Naomi Brotherton, SWS, NOW, WFWS, TWS, has retired from painting do to age and progressive loss of her vision.  Naomi, 101 years old, is a national acclaimed artist and 7 years resident artist at Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine.  Giddens Gallery has been granted the privilege of offering her remaining original works at 50% discount.  Much of her work is not pictured on her Giddens Gallery website but all her work can be viewed at the Galley.

Painting info:

Enlarge Painting:

Click link below for Naomi’s story and view additional work by her.

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