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“Feathered Family”
by Michael Frank Peterson
14”W x 12”H x 4 ½”D
Oil paint on tempered glass, six layers of glass total
On stained Walnut base

“This sculpture resonated deeply with me on two different levels.
One was that I loved the idea of a Cardinal family. Cardinals are such beautiful birds. The chicks made me chuckle a bit. The parents show l affection and are a support to each other while taking care of the family. On the other hand, the “children” don’t know or care about what is going on as long as they get what they want. In the case of the chicks, they usually want food.
On a much deeper level, this resonates with me when I consider the vital importance of a nuclear family with both a mother and a father who are there to raise their children. Both parents are vital. However, when both parents aren’t present, I greatly admire the single parent who does his/her best to raise the children right. Both sets of parents are my heroes.”

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