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This Saturday From 3-6pm
Enjoy Julie, her Artwork
and a glass of Prosecco

"Memories or Imagination"
by Julie England

"My paintings are experiences of outdoor places from observations, 'Memories or Imagination".  Being outdoors can be a link to childhood. I was raised on a rural Wisconsin pine tree farm where trees beckoned to me as imaginary childhood friends. My connection to outdoor energy is comforting, like “being with family”. Nature introduces us to adventure and discovery.
I paint with natural organic imagery as my focus. Followed by mark-making and use of material transparencies and opacity. My work includes botanical or topological forms and gestures, using color as a vehicle to convey energy from nature. I create images of imaginary botanical or mountainous environments, inviting my viewers to visit."

Thru February, 2023
Not much time remaining
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