“Nature and the Creativity of My Mind”
by Stacey Schwellinger

Tracey is a Guest Artists and will be showing her work March and April only.
Visit the Gallery and see.  You will not be disappointed.

Tracey's love of art came at an early age, with art class being a favorite from the time of elementary school. Through the years, she has learned different techniques and mediums, but acrylic is a favorite. She enjoys using her emotions and thoughts as inspiration for her pieces, as well as original photography. Her desire is to show the beauty in the details of nature and the creativity of the mind, both of which come only from our Creator. While Tracey comes from American parents, she was born in Stavanger, Norway and often pulls inspiration from the Norwegian art technique of Rosemaling.

Tracey works full time in ministry, for Gateway Church, utilizing her creative skills in film, both producing and video editing. Tracey lives in NRH, Texas with her husband Jeremy and 2 children, Harrison and Cecelia.

Owner of Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine. /giddensgallery - Contact Giddens Gallery of Fine Art at  
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